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Hi! I’m Sebastien Malandra

Industrial & IT Engineer / SAP ERP Consultant / Azure DevOps Engineer
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About Me

Industrial Engineer in Electricity/Informatic. Autodidact impassioned by the new technologies

Motivated engineer with

  • 5+ years experience in DevOps
  • 10+ years experience in SAP ERP world
  • Reliable, friendly professional, team worker able to work with offshore teams

    In my personal time, I like

  • to build small electronic onboarded projects with Raspberry PI, Arduino
  • to continue to learn new things for instance on Microsoft Learn but also on some interesting Youtube Channels
  • Experiences, skills & abilities

    hrX Backbone Manager

    Manager of a team of 6 agents in different locations: Belgium, Spain, India
    The team main activities consist of

  • Creating and Maintaining Azure DevOps Pipelines (CI/CD)
  • Supporting developer on the build pipeline to create needed artifacts (zip files, Docker image)
  • Supporting and maintaining the applications looking at AppInsights, NewRelic logs
  • Supporting pipelines on different automation platform/tool (Jenkins/Rundeck/Terraform)
  • Deploying and monitoring kubernetes cluster
  • Helping to migrate applications from OnPrem to the Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Database Migration from Oracle/MySQL to Microsoft Azure SQL
  • (CI = Continuous Integration / CD = Continuous Delivery)

    Jenkins CI/CD

  • Automate and maintaining the deployment of our products
  • Automate the Sanity tests of our products after their deployment
  • Maintaining the Jenkins infrastrusture
  • Those deployment jobs could be trigerred manually or from different git services (gitlab, vsts)
    The products are running different technologies (RoR, python, C#)

    Project Management

  • SAP ERP Upgrade from 5.0 to 6.0, 6.0 to 6.4 and 6.4 to 6.7
  • rev-trac Addon upgrade
  • SAP HR Service packages
  • SAP Payroll Consultant

    Worked on UK, SE, DK, BE payroll for different International and local customers

    SAP ABAP developer

  • Maintenance of existing code (standard or customer specific)
  • Design of new tools to match the customer needs
  • Development of specific tools to automate our daily activities
  • Using the Test Driven development methodology

    SAP Change Management

  • Worked on the SAP deployment team managing TMS, CTS+
  • Implementing and supporting rev-trac
  • Designing the deployment process to match the euHReka needs
  • Supporting the NameRangeValidation Tool, an internal tool to check and validate the content of SAP Transport in the context of a multi-tenant SAP System (euHReka)
  • Adapting & supporting Rectrac OOPS logic to euHReka multi-tenancy
  • My Specialities

    Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer

    Setting Up and maintaining CI/CD pipelines in Microsoft Azure DevOps, supporting infrastructure in Azure Potal

    SAP ERP knowledge

    Payroll, changes Management, Upgrade

    Development languages

    ABAP, SAPUI5, PHP(laravel), Python(django), javascript, jquery, bash, powershell

    Open Source minded

    10+ years Linux user, VPS maintenance (Web Server, Mail server, DNS, Asterisk VOIP, ...)

    Customer focused

    Focus on customer satisfaction

    Many more still to discover

    Quick learning curve

    Education & jobs

    2013+ OpenSAP Training Several Online training exams passed with flying colours (90+ %)
    SAP Hana, SAPUI5, SAP Cloud, SuccessFactor, Writing Testable code for Abap, Git, ...
    Sept 2000 - Jun 2005 University/Master Industrial Engineer - Computer/Electricity
    ISICHt Charleroi
    Sept 1994 - Jun 2000 High school Mathematics & Physics
    Institut Saint Joseph Charleroi

    Language skills


    Mother tongue






    Basic understanding

    Hobbies & Interests

    • Sports
    • Linux
    • Electronics
    • Photography
    • Travel
  • Sports: Mainly football(soccer), supporting AC Milan, and since my daughter is playing, I started to interest to basketball
  • Linux: I felt in love during my Engineer study and since I don't have any personal computer running Windows
  • Electronics: I like where electronic and informatic join and give the opportunity to build small concrete projects
  • Photography: before we had smartphone with decent camera, I was always bringing my camera with me
  • Travel: Discover new country, city or even just beach,sea around the world
  • Portfolio

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